The Losers Omnibus Volume 1 and Book 2

The Losers (Book One) - Andy Diggle The Losers Book Two - Andy Diggle

The Losers is a fast paced, densely packed caper story centred around an elite spec ops unit that are set up to take the fall for an act that they didn't commit. Left for dead, they set out to clear their names and take down the mysterious "Max" they believe is responsible. Andy Diggle is not exactly reinventing the wheel here. But the story is fun and the capers come together in clever and inventive ways that make for a decent amount of entertainment. The dialogue is a little uninspired with large blocks of clunky exposition, and the story generally favours action over characterization, with a few notable exceptions (Jensen and Cougar come out well ahead here). Occasionally the plot line gets a little tangled up but it all leads to a gorgeously explosive ending that I found rather satisfying. The books get their extra half star for the fantastic art work contributed by Jock.  The art is energetic and cinematic in scope and I really loved the way he used light or the absence of light. Jock manages to really effectively support and expand the characters where Diggle has left them a little thin. And the cover art is just really gorgeously composed. All in all, it's a fun way to pass an hour or two.