A Match Made on Main Stree by Olivia Miles: Mini Review

A Match Made on Main Street (The Briar Creek Series Book 2) - Olivia Miles

Seven years ago Anna Madison and Mark Hastings had a brief and secret relationship while both attending culinary school. Mark ended it, leaving Anna devastated, and the two have maintained a frosty distance, despite living and running competing restaurants in the same town. All that changes when Anna's restaurant burns down, leaving her in debt and with nowhere to cook. Enter Mark's nosy aunt and an offer to share a kitchen. This sounds like a great set up for a cozy little romance and for the most part it is. Anna and Mark are likeable enough, although Mark's issues place a certain strain on his charm, and the supporting characters are engaging. The book suffers in length, though. It's about a hundred pages too long and there is a lot of repitition. So much repitition that the characters begin to lose some of their appeal. Still, it did manage to keep me tuning pages and interested enough to pick up the next in the series. If you're looking for a light hit of romance, you could do worse.