The Ghost Network by Catie Disabato: mini review

The Ghost Network - Catie Disabato

Approximately 100 years ago, when I was a bright, young thing, I probably would have flailed and drooled and raved all over this book. It's an ambitious and clever novel, full of fun post modernist conceits that blend well with its thoroughly contemporary setting and would have had me happily deconstructing for hours, I'm sure. Now though, now I'm old and I'm tired and, quite frankly, I'm lazy. I don't really want to have to sift through info dumps or sort through unreliable narrators to get to the centre of a story that actually has no meat. I want characters who engage me, characters who I feel emotionally committed to. I want to feel like the journey is worth it, no matter how arduous. This story wasn't it, no matter how well constructed.