Ru by Kim Thuy: Mini Review

— feeling love
Ru - Kim Thuy

This book is gorgeous. A fictionalized memoir that follows its narrator from a childhood marked by both privileged affluence in old guard Vietnam and abject poverty as a refugee in Quebec, Ru is a thoughtful narrative that flows in and out of the narrator's life. Part of it's brilliance and charm is in the short, evocative text Thuy uses to tell the story. It's non linear, connected by theme, rather than chronology, and that works particularly well with the spare passages she's chosen to give us. Occasionally it feels like Thuy overreaches, dropping in issues that, while certainly relevant and important, she can't possibly hope to cover adequately given the format she's chosen and, as a result, they jar the reader out of the lovely ebb and flow she's established. Fortunately, those instances are relatively minor and the tone of the book isn't diminished. Overall, reading this book felt a bit like a gift from the literature gods and I'm so happy I pulled it off the "We Recommend" shelf at my local library.